Maru review. First manhwa recommendation where the story involves a female lead being reincarnated or isekai into the historical setting who needs to take.

As proud daughter of House Monique, Aristia was raised to become the next empress of the Castina Empire.

By Jessie Xu.

Isekai manhwa now has more female leads than ever. 113. Summary: This is not an Isekai or a time-reversal Manhwa, which makes it pretty special in itself.

Master Villainess the Invincible.

Living her life as just a tool for. And one trend I’ve seen is the retirement of cliched Mary Sue-ish webcomics. Manga.

My Top 21 Strong Female Lead Webtoons (Manhwa) You Must Read. .

If you’re looking for an isekai manhwa with a strong female lead, then don’t miss this goodie.

Top 10 Manhwa with Strong and Badass Female Lead.

Hello everybody today we will see top 10 Manhwa where female lead is strong and sometimes badass. .

Here are 15 manhwa with great female main. Man I've read two of them.

The Abandoned Empress.
Suddenly Became a Princess One Day.

Updated Feb 22, 2023.

Master Villainess the Invincible.

If you’re looking for an isekai manhwa with a strong female lead, then don’t miss this goodie. It’s also more about relationships between characters than it is about the lead being OP. .

. Author (s): Plutus,Spoon (스푼) Genre (s): Webtoons / Shoujo / Fantasy / Historical / Drama. Jun 22, 2022 · Fantasy / Isekai Manhwa with Strong Female Leads {Part 2} A collection of romantic fantasies set in the European Middle Ages. Not a manwa but one of the best reverse harems I’ve read! If you can deal with the artwork, the story is one of a kind, how she gets all the male leads to fall in her is like an arrow through the heart, and is an isekai! So. . It's not really isekai, but if a VR game is close enough you could try 1/2 Prince.


. May 16, 2023 · 7.

The Lady's Law of Survival.


This recommendation includes a historical, smart female lead, a strong female lead, and mc that seek.

Game system with female MC are rare, off the top of my head: - Transmigrator's Privelege manhwa, lighthearted, OP MC and the standard leveling+constellations setting.